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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Invercargill Brewery Brews - Coming Soon!

Award-winning Invercargill Brewery
Here's a little heads up on some of the beers we will featuring soon from Invercargill Brewery.

Pitch Black | Stout 4.5%
Which has hints of chocolate and coffee. Apparently an excellent accompaniment to chocolate cake!

B.Man | Strong NZ Pilsner 5.2%
Which has an exciting hop aroma of tropical fruits and is smooth and malty.

Wasp | Honey Pilsner 4.8%
A blend of four malts and two different hops along with Kamahi honey from the Caitlins Forest. 

We're aren't serving these delicious beers quite yet; but we'll let you know as they are ready for pouring!