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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Sasquatchs and Super G - five minutes with Andie Gillings

A short while ago we had a chat with Adam Barwood, one of our Atlas sponsored athletes. But Adam is not the only Atlas alpine skier... We are also proud to sponsor AndieG who, along with her Mum and Dad, regularly drops into Atlas after she's been skiing.

Hi there, AndieG and welcome aboard.

Hi and thanks for inviting me to be part of the Atlas athlete family.

Tell us a bit about your skiing.  What do you love about it? 

Well, I'm an alpine ski racer and I'm lucky to be from a skiing family. Both my parents ski and my Dad spent many years working in the mountains so he's always encouraged me to enjoy my skiing from a young age. 

There's a few things I love about my sport, namely being in a wonderful, pristine alpine environment - it's pretty hard to find a better place to enjoy your chosen sport! I love the buzz that speed gives me, especially when racing in my preferred Super G event. I love training with my QAST team mates and our amazing, international coaching team at Coronet Peak.

And what have you achieved so far?

I spent January and February training in British Columbia, Canada at Revelstoke and Silver Star. I had an amazing time, made some great friends and skied some deep snow and really steep terrain. The tree skiing was amazing and I think I saw a Sasquatch!

I managed a 4th place and a 10th place in a Super G event at Silver Star, competing against other girls from various Ski Clubs in British Columbia. I want to do well this season in New Zealand and hopefully make the podium where possible.

What's the remainder of Winter 2013 got in store for you?

Lots! There's the Southern Region Interfield Races and also the NZ National Youth Series Races held at Coronet Peak, Mt Hutt and Cardrona on various weekends. Between race weekends I have a speed camp at Mt Hutt to look forward to along with intensive training at Coronet Peak in early September.

Any other snow sports you're into? Snowboarding? Cross-country skiing?

Not really, I build the odd snowman! I did try x-country skiing at the Canmore Nordic Centre while I was in Canada last Summer. That was great fun and if we had more reliable snow to lower levels in NZ I'd like to do more of that.

Where's your favourite place to ski in NZ?

My favourite would have to be Coronet Peak followed closely by Mt Hutt as I can ski fast there.

What do you do when you're not skiing? What are your Summer sports?

I dream about skiing! I like to swim in the lake and I like cooking and baking with my Mum. I like riding my bike but I'm a danger to myself, the general public; all motorists, cats and dogs - so if you see me coming best you get out of the way! I wouldn't say no to a few lessons from Alanna

For people who haven't visited Atlas before, what would you recommend from the menu and what's your favourite thing to eat?

That's the easiest question to answer. Atlas has the best hot chips in Queenstown! My favourite meal has to be the steak, salad and fries meal on a Summer's afternoon after I've been swimming with my mates. Also the Sunday pig roast is pretty awesome.