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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

New guest beer: Emerson's Nap in the Chair Pale Ale

Mr Emerson catches 40 winks
Next up on our guest tap is Emerson's  Nap in the Chair pale ale. It's a hop-laden, full flavour affair but with a lower abv of 4% - which makes a good session ale without taste being compromised. As with many of the Emerson's brews there's a nice story behind how this beer came to fruition...

The Emerson's team were up in Nelson watching the hop harvest and after a long day walking through the hop fields they settled into a Nelson pub for few of pints. After only a couple of brews they noticed their illustrious leader fast asleep in a pub armchair. So they decided a new brew was needed that was still big on hop flavour but perhaps a little less strong and therefore less nap-inducing. So Nap in the Chair was created "to assist ageing brewers in coping with those long, long days".

"Nap" is made with Cascade, US Simcoe, US Cascade and US Zythos hops. Malted with NZ Ale Malt and caramalt and the yeast is US Ale yeast. And, according to the Emerson's website, they will be releasing another version of Nap but made with a different hopping technique. So if you enjoy this version watch out for the next one.

Emerson's Brewer's Reserve Nap in the Chair Pale Ale | 4% | $9 per pint

Please enjoy responsibly.