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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Patron XO Cafe: now available at Atlas Beer Cafe

Tequila and coffee combined
If you like tequila and you are also partial to your coffee then look no further as we are serving the perfect tipple for you.

We currently have Patron XO Cafe on the drinks list at Atlas. It's a blend of ultra premium tequila and the finest coffee essence and unlike many lower-proof coffee liquers it's not sweet-tasting like you'd expect. It's much dryer and the higher proof really allows the roasty flavours of the coffee to really shine through.

The nose is intense black coffee along with a hint of chocolate.

The palatte is rich and warming with the coffee roastiness continuing accompanied by caramel and nougat flavours.

Patron XO Cafe | 35% | $9 per 30ml shot

Please enjoy responsibly