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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Red, red wine: Maker's Table Shiraz

From our friends across the Tasman
Another post for our vino lovers. Are you into the big, robust reds? Well, here's the Maker's Table Shiraz. It hails from the Barossa Valley in South Australia which is, of course, famous for it's big bold reds and Shiraz is probably the grape style most associated with Australia.

The nose is dark cherry, plums, spice and a little oak. Part of the final blend is matured for a short time in oak barrels so some complexity is added to the wine without an all-out oak dominance.

The palate is rich and fruity with a soft tannin finish.

We reckon this wine is a great match for our:

Atlas steak with demi glace, Cafe de Paris butter, fries and side salad | $18.50

Shiraz is also a great match for big beefy stews, especially ones with a little bit of spice added to them or ones cooked with some wine. So keep an eye on our specials board as we'll being serving stew specials throughout the colder months.

Maker's Table Shiraz | 13.5% | $8/$30