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Thursday, 16 April 2015

What's on: End of Season Party and are you a Steak Champion?

The days of open windows and eating alfresco may be numbered but there's still heaps going on...

A little update on some of the things we will have going on at Atlas over the next few weeks. As the snow the other day proved, the cold months are definitely on the way. To celebrate the end of another epic season we'll be having our usual fundraising shin-dig for QMTBC with the usual awesome raffle, food specials and fun. We're holding it a little earlier this year, on Anzac weekend, so you'll be able to relax and enjoy the festivities without the prospect of work the next day! More details to follow very soon.

Our next exciting event is for all you Atlas steak and fries lovers out there. From May 1st until June 13th we are going to be counting who eats the most steaks and fries meals... Week by week we will be keeping tally and the person who has eaten the most by June 13th will win a free steak and fries meal a day until the mountain is scheduled to close on October 4th! Full T&Cs and deets will be posted here soon. Could you be our Winter 2015 Steak Champion..?

As the seasons change so does the Atlas menu. Our chefs are working on new dishes for the colder months so look out for our new menu coming soon. Drinks specials in the pipeline are a red ale and of course, mulled wine. Can't do winter without a drop of vin chaud! 

And finally if you're flying Jetstar take a peek at their in-flight magazine for April, you may recognise a certain person one of the pages...

Until next time!