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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Atlas Hand Pump - Tuatara Copperhead

Equally as delicious in Spring.
We've currently got Tuatara's Copperhead Red Rye on our handpump at Atlas and it's a ripper. Perfect for the colder months and pretty apt for early Spring, we think. It's not exactly that warm at night yet plus there's still ton of skiing to be had - so this beer fits right in. 

As the name suggests, rye is in the mash and that gives a distinct flavour you won't find anywhere else. The rye is enhanced by Bramling Cross hops resulting in a smooth palate that allows the spiciness of the rye flavours to be enjoyed and not smothered. The finish is sweet and fruit but still has the spice of the rye present.

Tuatara suggest, on their website, pork belly as an accompaniment. You could try a Copperhead with Atlas' pork belly with apple glaze and sesame seeds. Mmm-mmm that's apres sorted! 

Tuatara Copperhead Red Rye | 4.5% | $9.50 pint

Pork belly with apple glaze and sesame seeds | $8.5