The latest from Atlas

Thursday, 25 January 2018


The Kelly McGarry Foundation and Queenstown Mountain Bike Club have come together to bring you McGazzaFest 2018 from Friday 26 to Sunday 28, January 2018.

A 3 day festival of shredding, sending and good times – on and off the bike – to celebrate, and honor the legend, and legacy of Kelly 'McGazza' McGarry 

Come join us at Atlas from 7.30pm on Friday, January 26, to kick off the weekend. The McGazza Mega-train meets at the top of Skyline – Hammys trail start at 6.30pm.

On Sunday, January 28, we're winding it all down after a jam packed weekend of events from 7pm. Come chill and look back on the weekend highlights. Plus be there for the McGazzafest Shredder of the weekend award presentation.

There are no entry fees for any of the events over the weekend. It's all about participation, shredding with mates and good times – in honor of McGazza.

For a full weekend itinerary check out the McGazzaFest 2018 event page here on facebook