The latest from Atlas

Friday, 15 February 2013

Atlas is airbourne!

At Atlas we are always keen to find ways to engage with wider Queenstown community. As reported here on our News page, we made a donation to QTMBC this season to help fund the digging and maintenance of local bike trails.

However, earth is not our only element..! If you've raised your eyes up to the skies you may have glimpsed the Atlas wing gliding through the air with expert paraglider Tim Parkinson at the helm.

We caught up with him for a quick

How did you get into flying?

Saw it, tried it, loved it!! Never working in a bank again!

What's your favourite place in Queenstown to fly?

Skyline Gondola. Easy access, insane view, heaps of vertical to get upside down!

Queenstown local or Queenstown import?

Import! But after 13 years here I'm trying to fit in!

How do you like your Atlas steak cooked?

By the chef! As often as possible! (medium rare)

Emerson's Pilsner or Emerson's 1812?

On a non-flyable day, 1812.

We'll be posting more pictures from the Atlas wing so stay tuned...