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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Kumar Goes Kiwi Update

The Nepalese Champ, Raj Kumar
Last week we found out that Nepalese MTB Champion, Raj Kumar, could not get his visa approved so will no longer being travelling to New Zealand to participate in competitions and the Queenstown Bike Festival.

We know how hard local mountain bikers, Amy Freedman-Davies and Jarrah Healy worked to raise funds to bring the talented, young biker to Queenstown. All of us at Atlas were sorry to hear that things didn't work out this time.

We'd like to extend a pat on the back though, to Amy and Jarrah for attempting to do something so fantastic for another member of the MTB community. Well done guys!

If you donated to the Kumar Goes Kiwi campaign Amy and Jarrah are organising refunds and are looking into other good causes to donate the funds to.