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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Emerson's Porter back at Atlas

For those of you who love a darker drop we've got the Emerson's London Porter back in bottles at Atlas.

Here's the Emerson's tasting notes to get your mouth watering:

Porter is the oldest commercially brewed style. Dark, dry and mellow with some hop characteristics, it was the favourite tipple of London's porters. London Porter pours a deep brown colour with reddish tints, and the aroma is toasty, with a hint of sweetness and some earthy hop notes. Firm-bodied, but not heavy, with a creamy texture, the dryish palate is full of roasted malt, coffeeish notes and a sustained bitterness. 

So if you fancy enjoying one in the surrounds of your favourite craft beer cafe - come on down to see us. Porter's go well with any meaty dish so you could pair one with an Atlas steak & fries meal or the beefburger. Or you can simply enjoy one by itself and savour the complexity of the Emerson's London Porter flavours. Either way, it's delicious.

Emerson's London Porter | 5% | $11.5 | 500ml

As always, please enjoy responsibly.