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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Checking in with the Atlas Athletes - AndieG

We've been proud to support emerging Queenstown ski-talent, AndieG this NZ Winter. As the season is now over and we are firmly in Spring we thought we catch up with Andie to get the low-down on this year's slope-time and see what the rest of 2013 has in store for her.
AndieG with this season's hardware haul

Hello AndieG,

Hi guys!

How are you? Jumped in the lake yet?

I'm pretty good thanks, a little tired after a Winter of early starts although I am missing the snow already! Labour weekend is usual my first jump into the lake. Although, I didn't go in on Labour weekend this year as it was cold and snowing and my Mum wouldn't let me!

So, tell us a bit about your 2013 season. Give a summary of your time on skis this Winter. 

The season started well with some excellent snow early on with allowed us to train five day a week on snow - so no complaints from me there! The snow got a little thin late July/early August and once the international teams arrived lane space got a bit limited at Coronet Peak. So we moved over to The Remarkables and it was really fun to have a change of scenery. Once some new snow arrived it was back to Coronet Peak to train alongside the international teams. It was so cool and inspirational to be training alongside World Cup legends like Ted Ligety, Mikaela Shiffrin and Julia Mancuso! 

September was a busy month with the Southern Region Inter-Field races; a SuperG speed camp at Mt Hutt; the National Youth Series and in October I returned to Mt Hutt for the South Island Champs. September especially was was full-on! Mid-week training sessions and racing all over the South Island meant lots of early morning travel and late-night ski tuning with my Dad! 

What was the highlight of your NZ season?

Meeting Mikaela Shiffrin, Ted Ligety and Julia Mancuso was pretty awesome and training alongside them at Coronet Peak was really inspiring. Winning the U14 National SL Title jointly with my QAST team mate Alex Hull was really cool. We finished on equal points so share the title together this year. Also the Atlas sponsorship was cool too, I blown away when Davey offered to sponsor me for the Winter along with Adam and Alanna, I felt pretty humbled to be in such great company.

And do you have an achievement that you are particularly that you are proud of?

I have two! Winning the U14 Ladies SL Title - really pleasing as I focussed hard on my Slalom this Winter. I was also awarded the QAST U14 Most Improved Athlete Trophy. It was nice to know that my coaches recognised my hard work and it made my Mum and Dad proud too!

What was your best run of the NZ 2013 season, doesn't have to be race one. Describe it for us?

That's a tough one. I'd probably say my first two SL runs at the South Island Champs at Mt Hutt. The conditions and course suited me well and I felt confident and strong in both runs. Unfortunately I was just pipped to the post (0.4 sec) by my awesome team mate, Alice Robinson, who is a phenomenal skier and my benchmark.

What's on for Spring?

I'm back in the gym twice a week with my personal trainer, the awesome Braden Lee at Fight Science, focussing on mainly speed and cardio work. I'm also enjoying doing CX Core, RPM and Body Combat classes with my Mum at the Events Centre. I'm just making sure I'm getting plenty of rest, eating well, building strength and dropping a little weight before heading away to Squaw Valley in December. Just the usual conditioning stuff and, of course, dreaming about skiing again in a few weeks!

So you are heading North in December to train with the Squaw Valley ski team again. Tell us a bit about that?

Yes, we are going to Tahoe on December 20th for a White Christmas which is really exciting as I've not had a one before. I'm really looking forward to seeing the Olympic Village at Squaw Valley dressed up with lights and decorations. I'll be training 4/5 days with the Squaw Valley Ski team for 6 weeks and doing plenty of free skiing with my parents too, which will be really nice... if my Dad can keep up!

What's on your iPod at the moment?

Like everyone I'm pretty fixated on the success of Lorde so she's on high rotate. Then there's Taylor Swift who I've liked for a few years now. Then now and again I squeeze in a bit of Macklemore's Thriftshop to annoy my Dad or that crazy song - What does the Fox say?.

What's your favourite thing to eat in the States?

My favourite thing to eat anywhere is steak (Especially at Atlas) but I do like a classic North American Caesar Chicken Salad and a sneaky Oh Henry chocolate bar now and then. 

So you're off to Atlas with your folks for a steak and fries meal, who would be your four dream people to accompany you to dinner? Can be anyone. 

Mum and Dad so they can pay for dinner because I won't have enough money!
Mikaela Shiffrin, World SL Champion and my absolute idol and inspiration; Julia Mancuso, Olympic Gold Medalist and the person I respect the most in skiing; Ivan from Outside Sport, because he's known me since I was small and started skiing and knows everything about skiing and ski racing; Davey from Atlas so he can meet my idols and understand what motivates me.

Good luck with your training  and races in the States, AndieG! We're pretty envious. 

Thanks, I'll keep my blog updated every few days so you can check out my progress over the Summer. I hope you guys enjoy the Summer here in NZ and thanks again for the support and help this Winter!