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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Goodbye to an Atlas great

Round one
We've been really lucky to have absolutely stellar staff since we opened the doors at Atlas in 2009. We recently said goodbye to one of our longest-serving staff members who has now headed off on new adventures.

Hailing from England originally, Emma was travelling around NZ when her car broke down leaving her stranded in Queenstown (not a bad place to get stranded!). Emma decided to stick around and thanks to that auto-mobile malfunction we've been lucky enough to have her working at Atlas for the last four years.

After such a long time we're sure that many of you, like us, were sad to say goodbye to Emma. 

Emz poured her last Atlas pints on Hallowe'en and, as is the time honoured tradition, was ceremoniously thrown into the lake at the end of her shift. Twice. 

So in case you missed it here are the snaps.

Thank you for all your work over the past few years, Emma. We will miss you and all of us wish you the best of luck with whatever you do next!

Getting ready for round two

After four years, one dunk was never going to be enough.