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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Beer Update - Mischievous Kea IPA


We will soon be pouring a new IPA from Altitude Brewing.

Altitude are a Queenstown-based company "providing New Zealand craft beers to the discerning beer drinking community". Well, that sounds like us at Atlas!

The Mischievous Kea IPA has a distinct Kiwi flavour. It's brewed using all Kiwi ingredients - the hops are from Marlborough and the malts from the Canterbury Plains.

With this carefully selected blend of Kiwi components you can expect a vibrant hop profile with fragrant, tropical nose. The palette is also vibrant and mouth-filling with mandarin and orange flavours balanced by a toasty sweetness from the malts. The finish has a lingering sweetness.

Sounds good and it'll be on tap very soon!

Altitude Brewing | Mischievous Kea IPA | 5.5% | $9.50 per pint 

Please enjoy responsibly