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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Emerson's London Porter now on nitro from today!

Pouring the good stuff
Today we have had a brand new tap installed at Atlas! We're got a shiny new nitro tap with a keg of Emerson's London Porter tapped and ready to be poured into your glass.

What's a nitro pump? Most beers are pulled using CO2 or system that uses a mixture of CO2 and nitrogen to get the beer from the keg into the glass. Traditionally, it was hand pumps which used air along with a bit of elbow grease from whoever was pouring the pint. 

Using nitrogen alone makes for a really smooth pour which is great for dark beers, porters and stouts which serve well with little, or even no, carbonation. The result is smooth, tiny, creamy bubbles - Guinness being a well recognised point of reference for this.

If you are unfamiliar with Emerson's London Porter you can expect a dry, mellow brew with hoppy characteristics. It's firm-bodied without being heavy, has a creamy texture and the palate is roasted malt and coffee. 

If you are familiar with the porter it's definitely worth giving it a whirl now we have it on the nitro pump, it's a whole new experience!

Emerson's London Porter | 5% | $9 pint

Pump and pint

Waiting for it to settle

A quick sip for quality control

As always, please enjoy responsibly.