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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Altitude Brewing Studios: The Long White Cloud On Tap

If you like your wheat beer you'll be pleased to know that we have Altitude's new hefeweizen, Long White Cloud, on tap at Atlas Beer Cafe.

Long White Cloud is a tradtional, German style hefeweizen with a little bit of an Altitude twist as it's hopped with Wakatu (NZ Hallertau) hops. 

Banana and cloves are dominant flavours, as you'd expect with a good hefe, however there are also subtle bready and floral aromas coming through. The mouth feel is rich and palate has banana cake and zest flavours.

A Long White Cloud will make for perfect apres ski drinking - super refreshing after a hard day on the slopes. Or if you're in for lunch we're reckon those famous hefe banana and clove flavours will make for a perfect match with a couple of our new lunch menu items (coming soon).  We recommend:

Mexican spiced chicken in tomato with cheese, sour cream, avocado and lettuce in a tortilla wrap |16.50


Grilled pork with chilli glaze, yoghurt and pickled vegetables on toasted ciabatta |$16.50

Altitude's beers have had a great reception at Atlas so we're excited to be serving this latest release from them. We're sure it won't disappoint!

Altitude Brewing Studios | Long White Cloud | 4.8% | $9.50 pint