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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Red, red wine: Upside Down Hawke's Bay Merlot

For you vino drinkers here's some more info on our red wine selection, today it's our Hawke's Bay tipple, Upside Down Merlot.

This medium-bodied merlot is vibrant red in colour and has a fruity nose with suggestions of raspberries and plums upfront with some underlying cherries.

The palate is and smooth with subtle tannins and some oak that adds a hint of spice to the finish. It's really easy drinking and like many Merlots, that don't have the strong tannin element of other wine varieties, it's easily matched with a lot of different food. 

You can drink Merlot well with tomato-based dishes and it's responds really well to the "umami" flavours that are found in food such as roast chicken and mushrooms. Heavier styles of Merlot can be served with things like steak or roast lamb.

We think our medium-bodied merlot is a great match with our:

Chicken slow cooked in tomato and olive sauce served with mash potatoes | 18.50

or our

Calzone with beef, bacon, sausage, cheese and onion jam served with smoked tomato chutney and side salad | $18.50