The latest from Atlas

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Queenstown's only hand pump is at Atlas

We are proud, at Atlas, to have Queenstown's only hand pump! If you prefer your beer poured in a more traditional manner, and you happen to like IPA then you are just in luck. We have the Tuatara IPA on the lines at the moment and it's a winner. 

The nose is herbal and floral along with some hints of nutty malt. Upfront, the taste is perhaps slightly more malty than you might expect from an IPA but this is balanced though by plenty of herbaceous notes and "cor-blimey" English hops, that impart a lengthy bitter finish. 

Tuatara suggest pork pies as a food match; a very English snack to match this very English-style IPA. Alas, not something we have on the menu at Atlas but you could pair it with our delicious pork belly main instead, the crispness of the IPA will match the delicious creaminess of the pork belly a treat.

Tuatara IPA | 5% | $9.50 pint