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Monday, 26 January 2015

Summer means cider: Thatcher's Gold at Atlas

Thatchers Gold

During last Winter our General Manager, Amy, headed to the Northern Hemisphere for some summer sunshine. Whilst roaming around in the West of England she had the rather enviable task of sampling many of the fine ciders that Somerset had to offer. 

Inspired by Amy's cider tour of the Westcountry we now have Thatcher's Gold on the lines for the summer. If you haven't had the chance to try it yet it's more of a medium cider - as opposed to the delicious and dry Zeffer, which we still have on the lines. The Thatcher's gold has a smooth, appley flavour and a bright sparkle to the mouth feel.

Traditional food matches for cider are often pork-based. Pork belly goes particularly well with cider and coincidentally we have a pork belly main and also a pork belly tapas on the Atlas evening menu

Thatchers Gold Cider | 4.8% | $10 pint