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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Raise a glass to Queenstown's Altitude Brewing

Eliott Menzies from Altitude Brewing Studios
with one of his award winning beers on tap at Atlas
We only serve the best here at Atlas so it comes as no surprise that two of Queenstown’s Altitude Brewing Studios’ beers have won silver medals at the 2015 Brewers’ Guild of New Zealand Beer Awards. The Atlas team would like to congratulate Eliott Menzies of Altitude Brewing on this achievement – especially as his range has only been in retail circulation for just over two years.

The Mischievous Kea, winning silver in the Strong Pale Ale category, is made using all Kiwi ingredients – a carefully chosen blend of hops from Marlborough and malts from the Canterbury Plains. It’s a cheeky beer, with a cheeky attitude, which matches the cheeky parrot it’s named after! (5.5% abv)

The Posturing Professional, winning a silver in the Pale Ale category, is your typical Kiwi alpine ale. Eliott has used old school New Zealand hops to keep NZ’s brewing heritage and ancestry in mind. Best served after a hard day’s work! (5% abv)

“It is definitely a humbling feeling to win anything – as apparently this year’s awards were judged very harshly – and to be judged ahead of beers, that I considered international benchmarks, is a bit surreal. To win with two beers, you kind of have to smack yourself to see if it’s real. As of now, three, of the five beers in our range have medalled – so it must mean something being done is right. When you’re working 80 hours a week it’s a nice reward for sure!” – Eliott Menzies

Congratulations Altitude Brewing – you guys deserve it – and our customers love it!

The Mischievous Kea, along with two others in the Altitude Brewing range, can be found on tap at Atlas just now. The Posturing Professional will be returning to our line-up in coming weeks, along with three new Altitude beers.