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Friday, 16 October 2015

The GB's Club

For the past few years, during October, Atlas has hosted a fundraising event for the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club called 'Pints for Wynyard'. Last year alone we raised a whopping $6,794.50!

This year a ton of other good bastards have jumped on board to sponsor the event. We decided to change the title so we could truly capture the new awesome supports we have this year. So welcome to THE GB's CLUB (The Good Bastards Club).

From October 16 until November 20 Atlas is going to donate heaps of $$$ from all our GB's products – beer, food, coffees, drinks etc! The more you eat and drink, the more money we raise! All you need to do it get down to Atlas and treat yourself over the five weeks and a ton of cash will be donated to the mountain bike club. The money raised is going to epic new trails, jumps and track maintenance in the Wynyard/Fernhill area!

This fundraiser is not possible without the help from all these Good Bastards:

Don't be shy this month, come on down to Atlas and help us, and the GB's, support the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club. Happy eating and drinking!