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Monday, 9 November 2015

10 More Beers On Tap

This Friday, November 13, Atlas Beer Cafe will be home to the most unique, individual and quirky beer-pouring system in Queenstown – adding 10 more beers on tap! Yes, you read it correctly, 10 MORE beers on tap.

One might ask how you could fit anything else into the tiny, busy bar of Atlas? ... Surely extra space does not just appear in thin air? There was a crazy idea of an industrial bar made with custom designed beer taps ... Pipes that scattered across the ceiling... 

Thanks to the insane imagination of Davey McKenzie and the specialised skills of Jono Profit, this dream has now become a reality. However, this was no ordinary dream to full-fill – with 40 hours on a running CNC machine centre, almost 200kg of metal, a 2230mm I-beam, steel piping, copper tubes, and very little space to work with (in Atlas) – J P Engineering company, based in Lake Hayes Estate, has managed to create the impossible. An industrialised tap system!

Come down and join the team at Atlas on Friday, November 13, to celebrate this new addition to our impressive little bar – and of course treat yourself to the new craft beers we will have in stock! See you all then!