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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Emerson's Tap Takeover

This Friday, for the first time ever, Atlas will have a 24-hour Tap Takeover hosting 13 different Emerson's beers in-house. These unique beers have been made for special occasions or are limited edition brewer's reserves, and are unlikely to be seen in Atlas again. The different varieties that are available from 4pm until close this Friday, December 4 are:

Overlord Coffee Infused Stout – This fantastic beer tastes exactly as you think - coffee infused stout! What more do you need? 8% WOW

Sitting Bear Pale Ale – If you were here 3 years ago, you had the luxury of trying the brewer's reserve Sitting Bear. It was brewed to assist ageing brewers cope with those long days at work. 3.5%

Shroom to Breath – Brewed with Shittake mushrooms to make a nice earthy brown ale. 6%

Mr Jo’s Golden Ale – Mr Jo wanted a bigger, hoppier golden ale to stand out from your average ‘Golden’. This American Kiwi combo is distinctively spicy with a resiny hop flavour and an aroma that will wow you and Mr Jo. 5.6%

Gladiator“The secret to a great BOCK beer is that the drinker shouldn’t notice it’s strength until he gets up from the table.”7.2% Enough said.

Southern Clam Stout – Brewed in conjunction with Southern Clams Ltd, this special edition creamy roasted stout has hints of vanilla and ocean briny characters. 6%

Manuka Smoked Chilli Porter – It is exactly what the name says – A strong smoked porter, conditioned on chillies. YUM 7%

Urberbell – Refreshingly tart with Riwaka hops, this is a private reserve Belgian table beer. 4%

Lil' Nugget English Ale – The complete opposite of a big malt hoppy beer. This change of pace allows you to get lazy on a Sunday and reminds you what it would feel like to be relaxing at an English countryside pub! 4.6%

You will also still find our regular Emerson’s taps available because they are far too good to get rid of!
1812 | Pilsner | Bookbinder | London Porter

Supply will be limited so get in early to guarantee your beer of choice is still available. See you all Friday!