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Monday, 24 June 2013

Emerson's Brewer's Reserve 2013

Oreti Red
We've got Emersons' red IPA, Oreti Red on tap for a limited time only.

It's got traditional, hoppy floral notes of an IPA teamed with a "fat", rich malt base. Perfect for this time of year.

The Emerson's crew enjoy this ale with some cheese and many people rate IPAs with Thai food. So if you are keen to try the Oreti Red and you are also feeling peckish you can try teaming it with the following Atlas tapas suggestions.

– Blue cheese croquette, roasted pears and mulled wine – $9.5

– Duck in coconut curry with crisp breads – $8.5

And it seems that if you enjoy Bookbinder, the Oreti Red could also be for you. Perusing the web earlier we stumbled as across a blog where the Oreti Red was described by one drinker as "Emerson's Bookbinder...with b8lls!". So there you have it.

Emerson's Brewers Reserve Oreti Red | 6% | $9 pint / $6 1/2

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