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Friday, 21 June 2013

What the Helles?!

A Helles (pronounced "hell-us") is a classic, German larger. It's a full-bodied brew with malty accents and a dry finish.   Accordingly to the German Beer Institute website a Helles is 

"arguably the evolutionary epitome of Germany's more than three-thousand-year-old brewing tradition. In terms of sheer brewing artistry, it caps everything that has gone before it, and nothing that has followed it has ever equalled it."


Well, here at Atlas we have a Helles on tap. Namely the Tuatara Helles brewed right here in NZ, as opposed to Bavaria, and hopped with Pacific Jade hops for bitterness and Wai-iti for flavour.

You're not going to find the full-on aromatics of a Pilsner in a Helles. It's just a smooth, tasty, well-rounded larger. 

Tuatara describe their Helles as "Crisp, dry, with a little citrus but not too showy". Sounds good, doesn't it? Perfect after a hard day's work (or skiing) we reckon.

Tuatara Helles | 5% | $9 per pint

Food match: Traditionally, Preztels and Bratwerst! But also bacon and eggs. Maybe team half a Helles with an Atlas Big Breakfast for a late, weekend brunch?

We also recommend it with:
– Salt and pepper squid with citrus aioli – $8
– Atlas fries and aioli – $6