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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Return of the Roast?

Crispy, crunchy crackling
A Sunday roast is one of life's simple pleasures. Roasted meat, vegetables, lashings of gravy – you can't beat it. Well eating a Sunday roast is a simple pleasure. Washing all the pots and pans afterwards – not so much. So let us take the labour intensity out of your Sunday dinner!

We're be dishing up an Atlas speciality this Sunday (29th June), our famous Atlas Pig Roast.

The chefs will start roasting the pig from 11am and then Sunday dinner is served from 6pm. And, if the hog roast proves to be a hit again we'll look at bringing it back for the rest of Winter. Your Sunday dinners could be sorted 'til September!

Roast pork and crackling with roasted potatoes and vegetables,
home-made apple sauce and cider gravy | $18.50

We've still got Zeffer Cider on tap as an accompaniment or a Tuatara Helles would go down a treat too. If you're not keen on meat we'll still be serving up the regular evening menu alongside the roast – so there's dinner options for everyone.

Come along and see us this Sunday. You do the dining, we'll do the dishes!