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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Celebrate Good Times

It's a celebration...
We are now pouring the Coopers Celebration Ale and it's delicious.

You can expect malty flavours balanced by a hoppy crispness and a fruity finish. If you've been keen to try a nice ale before but have found IPAs a little too intense then this drop will be perfect for your palette.

The Celebration Ale is hopped with three different hops at different stages of the brewing process; and it's quite the international selection! The ale is hopped firstly with a Australian hop for bitterness - that's the Pride of Ringwood grown in Victoria's temperate climate. 

The late hoping process then employs a blend of Sauvin hops from Nelson and Centennial hops from the USA. The Sauvin hops contribute a white wine-style fruitiness and the Centennial add passionfruit and citrus notes.

The Celebration Ale is recommended with chicken, seafood or tangy cheeses so why not try a glass with our:

Coq au Vin chicken served on creamy mashed potatoes | 18.50

Lemon and herb crumbed sole with salad and fries | 18.50

Until next time!