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Monday, 29 July 2013

Meet Adam Barwood

Adam Barwood, one of our Atlas alpine ski-racers,  has had a busy Winter so far with preparation a-plenty at Mt Hutt and Coronet Peak for the imminent competition season. We caught up with him for a quick Q&A.

Adam in action

Hello Adam, welcome aboard! How's your Winter going so far?

Excellent! The dry-land training I did leading up to the start of Winter went well - lots of strength work. Since the mountains opened on-snow training has been very focussed and full-on; so now I'm looking forward to races which start tomorrow at Treble Cone.

What got you into alpine skiing and what do you love most about it?

In 2001 there was an advertisement for Queenstown Alpine Ski Team in the Mountain Scene asking for people who were interested in ski racing. At that stage I couldn't even ski! What do I love about it? The excitement of racing and the lifestyle.

Ski racing looks pretty fast (under statement) what's your top speed/best time?

The times vary a lot depending on the course and the snow conditions. Speed wise a Super G race could be around 130kmph. 

You spend a bit of time in Europe and the States. What have been your overseas highlights and where have you been?

So far my overseas highlight, and probably the highlight of my skiing career, would be racing at the World Ski Champs in Schladming, Austria earlier this year in front of 50,000 people - with world wide TV coverage too!

My first international experience was age 12 when I went to a training camp in Morgin, Switzerland. Since then I have trained and raced in the Northern Hemisphere almost every year. This Northern Hemisphere season I visited Canada then went to Europe and raced in Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany and France.

I never spend long enough in these places to get really attached to them. Although I did loose my passport in Los Angeles and had to stay until a replacement was issued so I found I really enjoyed Venice Beach after a long Winter! 

And what's the food like overseas? Any favourite things?

I find the food in the States to be a little too processed, but meat is plentiful. While meals in Austria seem to revolve around bread rolls, cheese and salami so it is always good to get back to Queenstown for a decent Atlas steak. 

Are you competing in the Wintergames this year, if so what disciplines?

Yes, I will be racing Slalom and Giant Slalom at Coronet Peak, starting on the 18th of August.

Where is you favourite place to ski in NZ?

Would have to be Coronet Peak.

How do you like your Atlas steak cooked? 

Medium rare, please!

We'll keep checking in with Adam over the NZ competition season and will keep you posted with his progress.