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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Altitude Brewing | Moonlight Track Stout

Our good friends at Altitude Brewing have managed to tear themselves away from all that pow to brew their moreish new stout, Moonlight Track. As far as brews go you just can't fault a drop of stout when it comes to winter drinking. 

Moonlight goes on the lines at Atlas from this Friday (14th August). Elliott and the Altitude team will be in the bar from 7pm to answer any questions you may have about their new beer. So come on down to give it a whirl. Oh and there'll be a prize or two to win too!

Altitude Brewing Moonlight Track Stout | 6.8% | $9.50

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Warm Up with Whisky - New Whisky at Atlas

We've recently given our world whisky array a bit of a revamp to bring a little more selection. We now have on the menu a few choice single malts from Scotland, whisky from Japan, Canada, America and right here in NZ!

If you're keen on your smoky Islay offerings check out the Lagavulan which is deep, peaty and dry. It's not for the faint-heartened but it's got a devoted following and if you love your whisky intense and smoky, this one is for you.

Also from Scotland we have the Glendronach 8 year which is crisp with spice and oak. Or Jura Origin which is oaky with hints of honey, caramel and liquorice. And for a nice accessible blend check out Monkey Shoulder which is great on the rocks or a perfect option if you like your whisky with a mixer. Monkey Shoulder is smooth and mellow with vanilla flavours and hints of spice.

If you like Japanese whisky we have Yamazaki 12yr. It's medium bodied with aromas of peach, citrus and clove with a mellow, woody finish.

Staying in the Pacific we have NZ 1990.  This powerful and complex offering from the New Zealand Malt Whisky Company has hints of wood, leather, hay and blackberries and it's distilled right here in the South Island.

Moving across the Pacific we have Crown Royal from Canada. This whisky is smooth and creamy, whilst remaining full-bodied, with hints of oak and vanilla. And our stateside offering is JD Single Barrel. IT's a richer version of the No7 which is less sweet and more intense. Expect toasted oak, vanilla and caramel.

We're really happy with our new whisky selection and reckon it'll provide plenty of options for a wee warming dram on cold QT nights. Pop in and see us for one soon.

Lagavulan 16yr | $25
JD Single Barrel | $12
NZ 1990 | $19.50
Yamazaki 12 yr| $10
Jura |$10
Glendronach | $10
Crown Royal | $9
Monkey Shoulder | $9

Prices are for standard NZ doubles