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Monday, 23 December 2013

Summer means Sangria!

We have introduced some Sangria to our Summer menu at Atlas. It's a perfect accompaniment to some Atlas tapas or perhaps a spot of lunch on a nice hot day. The sangria is bursting with fruity flavours and is served a wee dash of vodka.

Red Fruity Summer Sangria
14| $10 per glass

Please enjoy responsibly! 

Coming soon: Altitude - The Goldpanner's Profit

The Mischievous Kea went down a storm when we had it on tap back in the Spring.

We are very excited as shortly we will be featuring another beer from Altitude Brewing Studios. We can confirm that theirnext beer,  The Goldpanner's Profit, has been brewed and barrelled and we'll soon be serving it.  

The Goldpanner's Profit is a crisp and refreshing ale named after the hardworking prospectors of Queenstown's iconic goldrush. Here's a peek at the bottle labels (we'll be serving the Goldpanner's on tap at Atlas) and below are the tasting notes:

Brewed from all NZ ingredients, The Goldpanners Profit is designed around a malt profile that gives a refreshing and characterful flavour with a very dry finish. It's rich and golden in the glass and had been subtly hopped to give a light bitterness on the palate and a pleasing nose of Summer fruits.

Colour: Rich gold
Nose: Tropical Summer fruits
Palate: Clean malts with a hint of toffee and biscuit. Mild bitterness with a dry wheat finish.
Hops: Riwaka, Nelson Sauvin
Malts: Pilsener, Wheat, Toffee, Biscuit, Chocolate
ABV: 4.9%

Christmas Opening Times

Merry Christmas!
We will be open over the Christmas period so call in and see us. 

Christmas Eve – 9am - Midnight

Christmas Day – Closed

Boxing Day – 9am-midnight

New Year's Eve – 9am - late

New Year's Day – 9am - late

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Atlas Beer Cafe feature Rosé

We've returned Rosé to our wine list for Summer, however, this year we will keep changing it so if you are a Rosé fan you'll have a variety to sample over the Summer months. 

We are currently serving the Lindeman's Early Harvest Rosé. It's a crisp and refreshing wine which made by harvesting the grapes a bit earlier so that the grapes have less sugars thus making it lower in alcohol (and therefore calories). It has raspberry and cherry flavours and is fantastic with Asian cuisine and Summer salads. 

Lindemans Early Harvest | 8.5% | $8

Friday, 20 December 2013

New day menu - coming soon

We recently updated our evening menu with many new tasty items and now we will soon be launching our Summer daytime menu.

We've got some coconut waffles going onto the breakfast selection. Two new tasty salads, a new burger and some awesome sandwich and wraps. Also a calzone going onto the hot lunch selection.

Calzone with beef, bacon, sausage, cheese, onion jam and smoked tomato chutney with side salad | $18.50

The new menu will be available very soon, we'll keep you posted!

Emerson's Brewers Reserve on tap at Atlas

Better than the Double Down...
We currently have the Emerson's Vertumnus Brewers Reserve on tap. 
The beer is named after Vertumus who is the Roman god of the seasons, and change also gardens and fruit trees and change is the theme of this awesome pilsner.  The brewing team at at Emerson's took their favourite pilsner and swapped all the NZ hops for American ones. The beer has also been dry-hopped making it bitter, crisp and aromatic. 

And, Emersons reckon it's "the best thing that should have come out of America since triple bacon burgers and the Double Down"! 

Emerson's Vertumnus Brewers Reserve | 6% | $9 pint

Please enjoy responsibly

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Atlas Gift Vouchers for Sale

Perfect for that "hard to buy for" someone
How did it get to the 19th of December? If you still have Christmas shopping to do and if you are stuck for ideas, don't forget we have Atlas vouchers available. We can issue them for any amount and they are valid for a whole year from the date of issue. 

The vouchers can be used to buy food and drinks so why not treat someone to a little Christmas craft beer cheer at your favourite beer cafe. Ask in Atlas for details and the bar-staff will be happy to help out.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Checking in with the Atlas Athletes - Alanna

Alanna (right) enjoys one of her podium finishes
We were stoked to be one of Alanna Columb's sponsors for her Northern Hemisphere 2013 season. It was Alanna's first time racing in European and World Cup events and she scored some solid results in what was her inaugural season - and she hasn't even been riding downhill for that long!

Hello Alanna, how are you?

I'm really well, thank you!

Give us a little summary of your European Season. 

So I left NZ in the middle of May. First stop was the UK with my first race being in Scotland at Fort William. I then continued on throughout Europe, I entered a total of 12 races, a mixture of European and World Cup events and visited over ten different countries. Finishing up in Austria for my last race. I was based mostly in Morzine in France. I enjoyed Morzine - it's a great place with loads of options for riding. We had a bit of gypsy camp going on in the car park of the supermarket below the gondola!

So this was your first competitive Down Hill season, what was your highlight of the tour?

I've thought about this question for a while and not one thing pops up. The whole experience was pretty eye opening! I reckon if I have to say - the highlight of my tour was standing on the podium with Rachel Atherton (world champ) and Myriam Nicole, who was third overall at last year's World Cup. It was pretty cool to stand up there in my jeans and jandals with only two sponsors, Off Road Adventures and Atlas.

What was the low point of your tour?

Towards the end of my trip I ended up getting injured and not qualifying for a World Cup race - that wasn't too fun.

What's the vibe like on the DH race circuit? Is their a feeling of camaraderie or is it each rider to their own?

As it's an individual sport we all want to win - so I guess it's natural there's a bit of competition between us all. But on the whole everyone's really cool and it's a good vibe on tour.

Which was your favourite place to race and why?

Andorra! Without a doubt, the tracks were amazing there!

What's up next for Alanna Columb?

Home to work, save and train hard - ready for next year!

So, your stranded on a desert island you're allowed to take a food item, a luxury item and one album with you. What would they be?

Let's go with chocolate, a hammock and Florence and the Machine's Ceremonials. 

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Emerson's Dollar Donations for Queenstown Mountain Bike Club

Richard Emerson gets involved
Throughout October and also into November we donated one dollar from every pint of Emerson's sold to QTMBC for Wynyard Bike Park. 

Thanks to everyone who bought some Emerson's and also big thanks to the fantastic folk at Emerson's for donating a few extra kegs to the cause. Together we raised a total of $5461 for the club.