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Monday, 21 December 2015


The team at Atlas is proud to announce we have raised a WHOPPING $21,564 for the QMTBC this year! This is a combined fund between The GB’s Club and the Atlas SOS party. We could not have done it without everyone eating and drinking at Atlas between October and November – and of course the hundreds and hundreds of people who attended, participated and purchased raffle tickets and t-shirts at the Season of Shred Party!

The GB’s Club (The Good Bastard’s Club) ran for 5 weeks in Atlas. We had a ton of sponsors donating product, which in turn allowed Atlas to save a % of the months earnings. This included items like $1 per pint sold and $1.50 per Collarbone Cure sold etc. The grand total for the GB’s = $11,004. A massive thanks goes to: Steamer Wharf | Altitude Brewing | Octane Coffee Roasters | Ivy & Lola's | Emerson's Brewery | Coopers Brewery | Thatcher's Cider | Bidvest | QT Laundry Services | Tuatara Brewing | Zeffer Cider | Terraces | Garage Project Brewery | European Bakery | Southern Hospitality | Liquor King | Alpine Milk | Farelli's | Ronnie Baker and again everyone who ate and drank at Atlas for these special 5 weeks.

The Atlas SOS Party (Season of Shred Party) is the grand finale to The GB's Club. The party moved up to Wynyard Freestyle Jump Park this year and included BBQs, beers, a DJ, local band Rules of Addiction, over 65 riders shredding in the Vertigo Huck-a-thon and the biggest raffle giveaway Queenstown has ever seen! This is the party people will talk about all year (especially because of the insane mosh pit!) After thousands of raffle tickets were sold and limited edition t-shirts worn by all, $10,560 was our grand SOS total. SUCCESS!

The raffle and SOS would not have been such a huge success without the help from these GB's: QMTBC | Ronnie Baker | Tom Tom Productions | Brandland | Bikeaholic | Queenstown Bike Taxis | Skyline Queenstown | Spa Hire Queenstown | Crankworx | Skyline Rotorua | Peterpans | Cardrona | Heliline | Queenstown Rafting | White Tiger | Outside Sports | Gibbston Valley | Fishing Charters | Carters | Spoke Magazine | Queenstown Health | Wide Open | Onsen | Mons Royale | AJ Hackett | Sram | Hells Gate | Southstar Shuttles | Novotel | Abracadabra Cafe.

Last year we were pretty blown away when we raised $12,144.50. However this year we almost doubled it – $21,564! Talk about hitting it out of the ball park! Atlas would again like to thank everyone that was involved – volunteers, sponsors, photographers, MC, drinkers, eaters, huckers – we definitely could not have done any of it without you!

Now bring on summer shredding!

Jake getting side ways!

Bie winning the Beauty and the Bike Mechanic prize from Outside Sports!

Massive prize list board
Jon winning the bike from Bikeaholic & Atlas

Rules of Addiction rocking the stage
Your lovely host and MC Amy Freedman and Fraser Gordon!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Octane Coffee Roasters

For all our coffee fanatics in Queenstown, it will come as no surprise when we tell you that Steve Kay isn’t just a talented, tutu-wearing dancer, but that he is a green coffee bean roasting master! We do not want to make his head any bigger then it already is however, the simple facts prove that Octane Coffee Roasters is the best blend in town!

Nearly 20 years ago, in the Court House Cafe in Golden Bay, Steve was given the nickname ‘Steveo-bin-latte the coffee dictator' because he produced and perfected the most amazing coffee in the Nelson Region. Customers flocked from near and far to get their morning fix. Now Queenstown is lucky enough to have him – and his big mouth – roasting away in his secret lab, also known as his ‘man cave’! 

What makes his blend so unique and different from others? Firstly he roasts beans in a 7.5 kilo Turkish roaster called Has Garanti. He blends a 50/50 mix of Guatemalan/Colombian seeds, as he thinks it is the best consistent product for consumers.  However it did take a few different beans such as East Timor and Papua New Guinea, before he was happy with his perfect batch.

He uses a light roast to let the coffee speak for itself. “I’m allowing the product to showcase itself instead of over-roasting it to pack it with flavour. I want it to taste like coffee, not roast"

In his secret lab, as well as perfecting the green coffee seed, he studies the behaviour of men and caffeine. He lures men in with his pool table, dart board, and loud drum and bass beats. In return they always consume his addictive product and return for more!

If you are looking for that perfect morning coffee – without the queues, or random hours – look no further as Atlas only stocks Octane Coffee Roasters because we support the passion Steve puts into his product. And unlike Steve’s operation, our opening hours are consistent, daily, dine-in and takeaway! 

However, if you feel obliged to deter from Atlas one day to get your coffee from the man himself, go find the secret man cave. We promise Steve will not disappoint. But if he is not open, then try again tomorrow – someone is also a family man! Customers be warned his discussions never lack entertainment, they are heated and controversial as he is a strong but fair liberal who likes the word ****! ;)

See you all at Atlas for your daily coffee because we do more then just steak, beer and chips!
Bags of coffee beans are available to purchase for personal or commercial use

The Turkish Has Garanti
Steve's uniquely designed takeaway cups to match his personality!
The Vibiemme Domobar Super!
Helpless victims

50/50 Guatemalan Colombian green beans

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Emerson's Tap Takeover

This Friday, for the first time ever, Atlas will have a 24-hour Tap Takeover hosting 13 different Emerson's beers in-house. These unique beers have been made for special occasions or are limited edition brewer's reserves, and are unlikely to be seen in Atlas again. The different varieties that are available from 4pm until close this Friday, December 4 are:

Overlord Coffee Infused Stout – This fantastic beer tastes exactly as you think - coffee infused stout! What more do you need? 8% WOW

Sitting Bear Pale Ale – If you were here 3 years ago, you had the luxury of trying the brewer's reserve Sitting Bear. It was brewed to assist ageing brewers cope with those long days at work. 3.5%

Shroom to Breath – Brewed with Shittake mushrooms to make a nice earthy brown ale. 6%

Mr Jo’s Golden Ale – Mr Jo wanted a bigger, hoppier golden ale to stand out from your average ‘Golden’. This American Kiwi combo is distinctively spicy with a resiny hop flavour and an aroma that will wow you and Mr Jo. 5.6%

Gladiator“The secret to a great BOCK beer is that the drinker shouldn’t notice it’s strength until he gets up from the table.”7.2% Enough said.

Southern Clam Stout – Brewed in conjunction with Southern Clams Ltd, this special edition creamy roasted stout has hints of vanilla and ocean briny characters. 6%

Manuka Smoked Chilli Porter – It is exactly what the name says – A strong smoked porter, conditioned on chillies. YUM 7%

Urberbell – Refreshingly tart with Riwaka hops, this is a private reserve Belgian table beer. 4%

Lil' Nugget English Ale – The complete opposite of a big malt hoppy beer. This change of pace allows you to get lazy on a Sunday and reminds you what it would feel like to be relaxing at an English countryside pub! 4.6%

You will also still find our regular Emerson’s taps available because they are far too good to get rid of!
1812 | Pilsner | Bookbinder | London Porter

Supply will be limited so get in early to guarantee your beer of choice is still available. See you all Friday!