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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Emerson's Brewer's Reserve - Summathat Pale Ale

'av summathat!
This is the third instalment in Emerson's voyage of lower abv ale exploration. The task they set themselves was to create a beer with a lower abv whilst still ensuring the beer had plenty of flavour (higher abv accentuate the flavours and aromas in a beer).

We had Nap in the Chair, then Acid Trip on the lines at Atlas and now it's Summathat. 

Summathat is inspired by the long awaited Otago Summer. Feeling in a summery mood after one day of rays in Dunedin the brewers got work. This time throwing in all the hops in at dry hopping time. Simcoe, Cascade, Zythos, Citra and Amarillo hops are all featured culminating in a huge hop hit with a tropical character being backed up by a citrus and piney zestiness. Bitterness is lower than in the previous Nap and Acid Trip ales. The malts are German Vienna for warmth and CaraAroma for some toastiness. 

Emerson's Brewer's Reserve Summathat Pale Ale| 4.9% | $9 per pint