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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Tuatara Hefe at Atlas

We've currently got the Tuatara Hefe on the lines at AtlasIf you are a pilsner fan you might find another refreshing option for the Summer months is a Hefeweizen or Hefe. 

A hefe is a wheat beer or weissbier. Most beers are barley based but wheat beers are made with wheat only in the mash or a combination of wheat with some barley. A hefe is cloudy in appearance and has distinctive banana and clove flavours. Both these characteristics can be attributed to the yeast used (Hefe, incidentally, is German for yeast.) in the case of the Tuatara Hefe is Weinstephan yeast.

Wheat beers are left unfiltered so that the yeast used in fermentation is still present in the beer. If you are drinking bottled Hefe you can gently roll the bottle in your hands to loosen any settled yeast and further enhance the flavours. It'll still taste great on tap though. The Tuatara Hefe is then hopped with Wakatu hops to balance out the sweet banana, clove and vanilla flavours.

As a hefe is a weissbier, bacon and eggs and is a great food match. It'll also go down a treat with fish dishes. Try it with the Atlas whole baked sole with miso glaze, fries and side salad. Or maybe just a nice bowl of fries, whilst sat outside checking out the view.

Tuatara Hefe | 5% | $9 per pint

Please enjoy responsibly.