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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Feeling a little mischievous?

Altitude Brewing Studios' impish IPA

As is proved so popular before, we currently have Altitude Brewing Studios' Mischievous Kea on tap at Atlas Beer Cafe. The team at Altitude have refined the recipe a little so it's tasting even better than before. A different yeast has been used so that finished beer is a few points drier and the hops a little more pronounced. 

Taste wise you can expect a vibrant hop profile with a fragrant and tropical nose; a mouth-filling palette with mandarin and orange flavours and a toasty sweetness from the malts.

Also, the good folks at Altitude are still making a percentage donation to the Kea Conservation Trust from sales of the Mischievous Kea - so we're all winners!

Altitude Brewing Studios | Mischievous Kea IPA | $9.5 pint | 5.5%

Please enjoy responsibly.