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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Emerson's Porter in Bottles

Roasty and toasty the Emerson's London Porter is the current bottled brew we have on the menu at Atlas. Although porters are now oft more associated with cold-month consumption, we know there's a few amongst our beer-loving patrons who savour a drop of the dark stuff. And, with the rather schizophrenic Summer we've had perhaps it was an uncanny bit of foresight on our manager's part to get some in stock, for those less clement days.

You can expect a dry but mellow brew with some hoppy characteristics. The nose is toasty with a hint of earthy sweetness and the beer itself whilst firm is not heavy in body. The finish is roasted malt, coffee with a little bitterness.

Emerson's London Porter | 5% | 11.5 500ml